Some people climb mountains…

Some people run marathons, some shop, some go to the movies… Me? I’m a perpetual “nest fluffer”. I have been since I was a kid. When my parents added on and created a new master bedroom for themselves, my older sister and brother had dibs on which of the remaining bedrooms each of them wanted to claim. As the resident bottom dweller, baby of the family I was used to this set up. Growing up in my family, it didn’t accomplish much to complain about it… retribution was swift and before you knew it you’d find yourself locked in an obscure closet for an hour or two. Anyway, I digress. Miraculously my sister and brother each chose rooms that fit their personalities rather than base their decision on square footage. My sister was in her pre-teen “privacy” stage, and chose the smallest room in the house that was closest to the bathroom. My brother on the other hand, chose the room that had the most convenient “secondary entrance” (a window that opened onto the flat roof of our garage. Convenient when one wants to sneak out to be with friends after hours) which left me with what had been the master bedroom before the renovation. This room was HUGE. Walk-in closet, private balcony, private access to the bathroom we all shared via a pocket door, and a private phone line. Somehow I had managed to pull off the heist of the century without spending even a minute in a dark closet! This room was where my love for design and space planning was born. I shoved, painted, organized, and decorated that space hundreds of times through the years, and when it was time to leave I knew what I wanted to do… and that’s exactly what I did. I worked as a commercial interior designer for many years… hospitals, corporate offices, stadiums, universities, k-12 schools etc. etc. etc.  So what happened?  Well, this guy happened.

DadBW2 A sweet talking gentleman in a uniform is what happened. This amazing man and I have been together for over twenty years now. His dream of being a naval aviator has taken us all over the map. We’ve moved now exactly ten times in our nearly sixteen years of marriage. It’s been a wonderful adventure, and along the way we were blessed with twin boys who are now eight years old. Last year we bought this house in southern Maryland. houseIs it my dream home? No, but to be fair that house is sitting on the beach of Nantucket Island, and so far the owners refuse to part with it for less than 20 million’ish dollars. So selfish!  As for our new home in Maryland? I love the neighborhood. My boys have friends that we are hopeful they can grow up with. I love our property. Wooded on three sides with a lovely lawn in the front big enough for any game my boys can dream up. I love that we think we might be able to actually stay here. I love that the most. So, yes. This house is a dream come true for us, and we’re very busy trying to take it from “builder beige” to something absolutely brilliant.  It will take a lot of paint, molding, sweat, possibly a liberal amount of crying, but we’re ready to take it all on.  It’s been a long time coming and we hope you’ll check in on us from time to time!  I’m sure it will take years, but that’s something else that I really love about it…that I just might actually have years to try.

Welcome to our home!




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