ö hello!

björk design

So this is the spot that you come when you want to know, “Who is björk design, and why does she have umlaut’s all over the place?” So let’s get right to it! My name is Dana and I’m an interior designer/photographer/artist/wife/mother to twin boys/lover of color! There are some things about me that will always be true. I am an optimist. I believe in being kind and in the power of a hug. I could look at light playing over water all day. I’m most comfortable in jeans and flip flops, and if I could live my life anywhere it would be at the beach. I love Jimmy Buffet and the sound of wind chimes. I adore a cold glass of Riesling and a bit of dark chocolate. I refer to my children as my “Heart and Soul” and pray daily for time to not pass too quickly. My head is cluttered full of ideas and inspiration that may never see the light of day.

Art has always held a place in my life and my heart. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been inspired by life and the world around me. Light, color, and texture have captivated me from the very beginning. When I was small, my mom would let me play with her oil paints while she painted her own art. There was nothing so beautiful to me as swirling those thick wet paints onto a blank canvas. I loved how the light would play off the wet of the paint and how the colors would swirl together and onto the texture of the canvas below. Over time my need for art and creativity has taken me on many different paths. After earning my BS in Interior Design from Western Michigan University, I spent several years working at architectural firms as a commercial Interior Designer. I focused on combining texture, light and color into all of my designs and learned the importance of balancing these elements with one another. After the birth of my twin sons, I quickly rekindled my passion for photography that my father and I share. My journey into motherhood had been a long and difficult one, and so with the arrival of our twin boys I became instantly obsessed with capturing every smile, every movement, every moment of our boy’s life. Their wonder for the world and their natural innocence sparked a renewed love for photography and design. My love for life and family has combined together with my passion for color and design. My own unique style for all my design and photography is evident in the end products… relaxed, fresh, colorful, and simple.

Amidst all of this, I am also a military spouse. My husband, who is an active duty naval aviator, our twin sons (8 years old already!) and I currently reside in beautiful Southern Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay. We are ecstatic to have recently purchased a new home and are hopeful that this will be our “forever home”. I’m hoping that this blog will not only inspire others who love good design, but also to chronicle the journey of our own home as it transitions from “builder beige” to something with a bit more style.

As for the umlaut? It’s a Björk thing!


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